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The 215KWh Lithium Battery ESS Cabinet for solar energy storage System

Short Description:

Li-ion battery ESS (Energy Storage System) mainly consists of battery,power conversion system(PCS), energy management system(EMS), battery management system (BMS) and other electrical equipment. The secondary BMS is designed with multiple monitoring of system status and hierarchical linkage. Relays,fuses,circuit breakers,BMS constitute a comprehensive protection system integrating electrical and functional safety.

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Safe and Reliable

Lithium lron Phosphate battery cells from first-tier manufacturers.Intelligent air-cooling design,long system life and smooth operation.Module,battery cluster secondary BMS design,multiple status monitoring. 

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Efficient and Convenient

High energy type system has high energy density,stable and reliable performance,long service life Modularized design,convenient for maintenance management and capacity expansion. 

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Active Equilibrium

3A active equalization,overcoming the impact of single cell capacitance on system capacity.Equalization accuracy less than 2%,equalization capacity up to 10% of rated output. 

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Cost Optimization

Small size and light weight, saving space and installation costs. Long cycle life,low failure rate, reduce operation and maintenance investment.

Our Advantages

Battery Cell

Five Star GeePower 5Brand new grade A battery cells, Safe and Long life

Five Star GeePower 53.2V 280Ah High energy density LiFePO4 core, Cycle times up to 6000

Five Star GeePower 5Square aluminum shell design, Reduce damage to battery core

Five Star GeePower 5Installed film-shaped explosion-proof valve, Discharge high pressure gas automatically, Improve safety

Five Star GeePower 5Using high temperature solid phase polymerization technology, Internal structure more stable and safe


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GeePower Battery Module 5

Battery Module

Five Star GeePower 5The battery module consists of 16 3.2V 280Ah LiFePO4 cells, 1 parallel and 16 strings (16S1P) to form a 51.2V 280Ah module

Five Star GeePower 5The module has a build-in battery management unit (BMU) system, which collects the voltage & temperature of each cell and manages equalization of cells, Ensure the normal operation of the whole module safely and efficiently

Five Star GeePower 5Multiple protection and using CAN communication method, Remote and real time monitoring of batteries data, Ensure battery pack performance reliability

Five Star GeePower 5Internal resistance of the battery is small and the rate discharge performance is excellent, Wide operating temperature range, more reliable

Five Star GeePower 5The modules can be connected in series or parallel, meet the different needs of voltages and capacities


Battery Cluster

Five Star GeePower 5The battery cluster consists of 15 battery modules connected in series, which is 768V 280Ah 215KWh

Five Star GeePower 5A high voltage control box connected, with build-in battery management system (BMS), Control and protect voltages and circuits

Five Star GeePower 5The BMS has a two-level architecture, with master control and slave control, can monitor the voltage, current and temperature of each battery cell, Comprehensive battery monitoring and protection, more safe and reliable

Five Star GeePower 5Comprehensive and reliable thermal management design, more safe and stable

GeePower Battery Cluster
GeePower All In One BESS

All-In-One BESS



It can be used to industrial and commercial Demand Management, Peak-load shifting, User-side backup power, Wind and solar energy storage adjusts peak and frequency, Microgrid system etc.

GeePower Industrial and Commercial Battery Energy Storage Systems Applications

System components

215KWh BESS Structure 2

Lithium Battery Module

The main components of system consist of a battery module formed by safe, high-efficiency, long-life lithium iron phosphate cells connected in series, and a battery cluster formed by multiple modules connected in series. 


Battery Management System The core component of the system effectively protects the battery from over-charging,over-discharging,over-current etc.,and at the same time manages the equalization of the battery cells to guarantee the safe reliable and efficient operation of the whole system. 

Monitoring System System

operation data monitoring,operation strategy management,historical data logging,system status logging,etc.

System parameters

Model Grade

215KWh ESS

Battery Parameters


Energy Storage Capacity



Energy Storage Configuration

1 unit 768V 280AH Lithium Battery Storage System


System Voltage



Operating Voltage Range

DC672V~DC876V (2.8V~3.65V)


Battery Type



Number of cycles

> 6000ST(100%DODSOH 80%0.5C)


Remaining At End Of Year 10

> 150kWh (70%)

PCS Parameters

DC Side Parameters

Voltage Range


DC Channel


Single Channel Rated Current


AC Grid Parameters

Output Line System


Rated Power


Rated Voltage

AC 380V

Rated Current


Voltage Range

-15%~ +10%

Rated Frequency


Frequency Range


Power Factor


Output Harmonics

≤ 3%

AC Current Distortion Rate

< 3% At Rated Power


Input Anti-Reverse


Output Overcurrent


Output Overvoltage




Insulation Resistance Test



Overall Efficiency Of Charging And Discharging

≥ 87%

Data Acquisition Frequency

≤ 30s / time

Remote Diagnostic Recovery


System Parameter


Operating Temperature

-20C~55'c (45°c Upper Limit)

Storage Temperature


Relative Humidity

0%RH~95%RH, Non-Condensing

Working Altitude

At 45°C2000m; 2000m ~ 4000m Derate




Total Equipment Life Cycle

10 Years

Life Cycle Equipment Availability Factor (AF)

> 99%


Communication Method


Isolation Method


Protection Class


Cooling Method



Perfluorohexanone Fire Extinguishers




Lithium battery system using 3.2V 280Ah high energy type lithium iron phosphate core, square aluminum shell design, reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of the core due to mechanical damage and of damage to the inside of the core, improves the safety performance of the product. The battery cells are installed with a film-shaped explosion-proof valve to ensure that in any extreme case (such as internal short circuit, batter overcharge and overdischarge, etc.), a large amount of gas quickly gathered inside the battery cell can be discharged through the explosion-proof valve to improve safety.

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The battery module consists of 12 3.2V 280Ah lithium iron phosphate cell, 1 parallel and 12 strings (12S1P) to form a 38.4V 280Ah battery module. The module has a built-in BMU system, which collects the voltage and temperature of each cell and manages the equalization of cells to ensure the normal operation of the whole module safely and efficiently.

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