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NCM Battery Module

A Brief Introduction to NCM Battery Module


NCM (Nickel Cobalt Manganese) battery modules are advanced lithium-ion batteries commonly used in electric vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems. Known for their high energy density, NCM battery modules offer longer driving ranges and increased storage capacity.These modules consist of multiple battery cells connected in series or parallel configurations. Each cell has a cathode made of nickel, cobalt, and manganese, and an anode made of graphite. The electrolyte enables the movement of ions during charge and discharge cycles.NCM battery modules benefit from the unique properties of nickel, cobalt, and manganese. Nickel provides high energy density, cobalt enhances stability and capacity, and manganese improves safety and thermal stability. This combination allows NCM battery modules to deliver high power and energy density.These modules also exhibit good cycling performance, enduring numerous charge-discharge cycles without significant capacity loss. However, proper management is necessary to prevent overheating and potential safety risks associated with lithium-ion batteries.Overall, NCM battery modules are favored in EVs and energy storage due to their high energy density, improved efficiency, and longevity. As battery technology advances, NCM modules continue to support the progress of sustainable transportation and energy systems.

Product Size (1)
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Product Basic Information

Project Parameter
Module Mode 3P4S 2P6S
Module Size 355*151*108.5mm
Module Weight 111.6±0.25 kg
Module Rated Voltage 14.64V 21.96V
Module Rated Capacity 150Ah 100Ah
Module Total Energy 21.96KWH
Mass energy density ~190 Wh/kg
Volume energy density ~375 Wh/L
Recommend SOC Use Range 5%~97%
Working Temperature Range Discharging:-30℃~55℃


Storage Temperature Range -30℃~60℃

Size Diagram

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Product Advantage


Complies with VDA standard size and has wide applicability;

The mass specific energy is 190Wh/kg, which can meet the high energy density subsidy requirements;

It can be charged at low temperatures of -20℃ and has strong temperature adaptability;

50% SOC 30s peak discharge power 7kW, sufficient power;

It takes 45 minutes to charge the battery to 80% when empty, and it charges efficiently;

The module has a heating power of 60W and a bottom flatness of 0.4, making it easy to perform thermal management;

After 500 cycles, the capacity retention rate is higher than 90%, which meets the 8-year and 150,000-kilometer warranty for private cars;

After 1,000 cycles, the capacity retention rate is higher than 80%, which meets the 5-year and 300,000-kilometer warranty for operating vehicles;

Product series to meet the needs of different models.

Product Parameters

Module electrical performance, mechanical and safety performance

Project Parameter
Module Mode 3P4S 2P6S
Normal Temperature Cycle Life 92%DOD fast charging strategy charge/1C dischargeCapacity retention rate ≥90% after 500 cyclesCapacity retention rate ≥80% after 1000 cycles
Fast Charging Capability room temperature, 40℃5%-80% SOC charging time ≤45min30%-80% SOC charging time ≤30min
1C Discharge Capacity 40℃ discharge capacity ≥100% rated0℃ discharge capacity ≥93% rated-20℃ discharge capacity ≥85% rated
1C Charge & Discharge Energy Efficiency room temperature energy efficiency ≥93%0℃ energy efficiency ≥88%-20℃ energy efficiency ≥80%
DC Resistance (mΩ) ≤4mΩ@50%SOC 30s RT ≤9mΩ@50%SOC 30s RT
Storage Storage: 120 days at 45℃, capacity recovery rate is not less than 99%At 60℃, capacity recovery rate is not less than 98%
Vibration Resistant Meet GB/T 31467.3& GB/T31485
Shock proof Meet GB/T 31467.3
Fall Meet GB/T 31467.3
Withstand Voltage Leakage Current <1mA @2700 VDC 2s(Positive and negative Output pole pairs on the Shell)
Insulation Resistance ≥500MΩ @1000V(Positive and negative Output Pole pairs on the shell)
Abuse of security Meet GB/T 31485-2015&New Country Standard

Module Heat Management

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Module Fall Test

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Module Thermal Diffusion

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Production Line

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NCM Battery Modules - Powering a sustainable future.


NCM Battery Modules are the driving force behind the sustainable future. With their advanced technology and efficient power generation, these modules provide a reliable and environmentally-friendly solution for energy storage needs. Designed to deliver power with minimal environmental impact, NCM Battery Modules pave the way for a greener and more sustainable tomorrow.