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New CALB L300N137B 137ah Grade A Deep Cycle 3.7V Prismatic Li-ion Cell Lithium NCM Battery

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New CALB L300N137B is a high quality Li-ion battery designed for deep cycle applications. The capacity is 137Ah and the working voltage is 3.7V. The Grade A designation means the battery meets strict quality standards, ensuring reliable performance and long cycle life. This lithium-ion battery has a prismatic design and has excellent energy density, which means it can store a lot of energy in a compact size. The NMC (nickel-manganese-cobalt) chemistry used in this battery provides a good balance between energy density, power output and long-term stability.

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Prismatic NCM Cell

With its deep cycle capability, the New CALB L300N137B is ideal for applications requiring repeated deep discharges, such as electric vehicles, renewable energy storage systems, and off-grid power solutions. In addition, this lithium-ion battery was designed with safety in mind. It employs multiple safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging, over discharging, and short circuits, ensuring reliable and safe operation. Whether you're looking for a reliable power source for electric vehicles or a reliable energy storage solution for off-grid applications, the new CALB L300N137B A-grade deep-cycle lithium-ion battery can meet your power needs.

NCM battery cells are high-quality lithium-ion cells designed for deep-cycle applications. With a capacity of 137Ah and operating at 3.7V, these Grade A cells offer excellent energy density and long cycle life. The NCM chemistry provides a balance between energy density and power output. These cells are perfect for electric vehicles, renewable energy storage, and off-grid power solutions. Incorporating safety mechanisms, these cells protect against overcharging, over-discharging, and short circuits. Trust CALB prismatic NCM battery cells for reliable and safe operation in your power applications.

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Full Life Cycle Management

Battery life Cycle management
High Consistency of performance

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Dimensional Standard

Meet a variety of
dimensional standards

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Environmental Friendly

Passed environmental
system certification

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Excellent performance in Low temperature
Good environmental adaptability

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Long Life

long cycle life
Up To 2000 times

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Ultra Safe

Explosion-proof, Anti-short circuit design
high safety performance

Size Diagram

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It is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and remains reliable even in extreme temperatures and challenging environments. CALB L221N113A NMC battery with hig (

Product Parameters



Model Number




Nominal Capacity 137Ah@1C

Typical Voltage


AC Internal Resistance


Standard charge and discharge

Charge/Discharge Current


Standard charge and discharge

Charge/Discharge Cut-off Voltage

Mass Energy Density 245.8 Wh/kg
Volume Energy Density 591.0 Wh/L
Capability retention under room temperature Capability retention≥94%
Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Short Pulse)


Recommended SOC window


Charging Working Temperature


Discharging Working Temperature



111.0*300.14*27.74 MM


Shell Material Aluminium alloy

Cycle life

≥2000 Times

Electrical Performance Diagram

1.Thermal-Electrochemical Coupled Model


2.Total J/R and Stack Model

ahuning (3)
ahuning (2)

3.Charge and discharge curve: comparison of simulation and actual measurement accuracy

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Package Diagram


Famous Brand Manufacturer

Production Line

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Revolutionize transportation with CALB NCM battery cells – powering a sustainable and brighter future for the passenger car industry.


CALB NCM battery cells are set to revolutionize transportation, powering the passenger car industry towards a sustainable and brighter future. With their advanced technology, these battery cells offer unprecedented energy efficiency, longer range, and faster charging times, making electric vehicles a viable and appealing option for consumers. By utilizing these innovative batteries, the passenger car industry can greatly reduce its carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment. With the increasing demand for electric vehicles, CALB NCM battery cells provide a solution that meets the industry's needs for improved performance and sustainability. The reliability and durability of these battery cells ensure that drivers can experience worry-free and efficient journeys. Furthermore, the use of these cells promotes the growth of renewable energy sources, as electric vehicles powered by clean and efficient batteries align perfectly with sustainable energy goals. By embracing CALB NCM battery cells, the passenger car industry propels itself into a new era of transportation that is not only eco-friendly but also economically beneficial for car manufacturers and consumers alike.

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