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FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack

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FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack is a robust and dependable energy storage solution that offers remarkable durability and high performance. It utilizes advanced lithium-ion technology to deliver superior cycle life, exceptional power output, and shorter charging duration than traditional lead-acid batteries. These features make it highly suitable for numerous applications that require reliable power sources.The compact design of this battery pack makes it simple to install and maintain, while its smart BMS system provides multiple levels of safeguards against common battery-related issues such as overheating, over-discharge, overcharge, and short-circuiting.

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These features ensure safe and reliable use of the battery pack over extended periods while maintaining optimal performance.The battery pack's wide operating temperature range endows it with remarkable endurance under challenging environmental conditions. It can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining consistent power output, making it a dependable energy storage solution for various applications.In summary, the 76.8V 300AH lithium battery pack is a sturdy and dependable energy storage solution that is ideal for applications that demand high-performance and dependable batteries. Its robust design, advanced features, and superior durability make it a cost-effective option for businesses seeking to improve their power storage capabilities.

Description Parameters Description Parameters
Nominal Voltage 76.8V Nominal Capacity 300Ah
Working Voltage 60~87.6V Energy 23.04KWH
Max Constant Discharge Current 150A Peak Discharge Current 300A
Recommend Charge Current 150A Recommend Charge Voltage 87.6V
Discharge Temperature -20-55°C Charge Temperature 0-55℃
Storage Temperature(1month) -20-45°C Storage Temperature(1 year) 0-35℃



Weight 235/245KG
Case Material Steel Protection Class IP65















Our battery cells

FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack which is made of high quality battery cells.

- Performance: Our lithium batteries excel in energy density and can provide more power and last longer than other batteries.

- Fast charging: Our lithium batteries can charge quickly, saving you time and improving efficiency.

- Cost-effectiveness: Our lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and require zero maintenance, making them an economical choice.

- High power output: Our lithium batteries can deliver high levels of power, meeting your demand for energy.

- Warranty: We offer 5 years of warranty, so you can have peace of mind and rely on our products in the long run due to our solid reputation.


Battery Advantages:

Higher safety performance

Lower self-discharge(<3%)

Higher consistency

Longer cycle life

Faster charging time

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TUV IEC62619

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UL 1642

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SJQA in Japan
Product safety certification system

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MSDS + UN38.3

Our BMS and Protective circuit

FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack is well protected by intelligent BMS.

- Safety: Our smart battery management system (BMS) makes sure the battery doesn't overheat, overcharge, or overdischarge. If there's a problem, the BMS alerts the user to prevent damage.

- Efficiency: Our Smart BMS makes the battery work better and last longer with less downtime.

- Downtime: Our Smart BMS checks the battery's health and can predict when there may be a problem. This helps to avoid unplanned downtime.

- User-Friendly: Our Smart BMS is easy to use. It shows you how the battery is performing in real-time, and you can use this data to make better decisions.

- Remote Monitoring: Our Smart BMS can be checked from anywhere in the world. You can see how the battery is doing, change settings, and even take action to prevent problems.

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BMS Multiple Functions

● Battery cells protection

● Monitoring battery cell voltage

● Monitoring battery cell temperature

● Monitoring pack’s voltage & current.

● Control pack’s charge and discharge

● Calculating SOC %

Protective Circuits

● Pre-charge function can avoid damage to batteries and electrical components.

● Fuse can be melted when overload or external short circuit occurs.

● Insulation monitoring and detecting for the full system.

● Multiple strategies can automatically adjust the charge and discharge current of the battery according to different temperature and SOC(%)

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Our battery pack Structure

FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack is designed for easy maintenance.

Battery module

Battery Module

GeePower's module design enhances stability and strength of the battery pack, resulting in improved consistency and assembly efficiency. The battery pack features a structure and insulation design in accordance with Electric Vehicle safety standards to ensure elevated safety measures.

Battery pack

Battery Pack

The structural design of our battery pack resembles that of electric vehicle batteries to guarantee that the structural integrity of the battery remains intact during prolonged transportation and operation. The battery and control circuit are separated into two parts for ease of maintenance and repair, with a small window located at the top. It boasts a protection level of up to IP65, making it dust and waterproof.

LCD display

The LED display function on the forklift lithium battery pack is an incredibly useful feature that offers a convenient way for users to monitor the remaining battery life. This function provides operators with essential information, such as voltage levels and battery temperature, enabling them to make informed decisions on when to recharge or replace the battery. By having access to real-time data through the LED display, forklift operators can optimize the performance of their equipment, reduce the risk of damage or overheating, and improve overall efficiency.

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Remote control

With the inclusion of a remote control function, the forklift lithium battery pack offers the functionality of adjusting charging parameters and optimizing battery performance without direct physical interaction. This capability enables operators to fine-tune the charging process, ensuring the most efficient charging cycle is employed while safeguarding against overcharging or undercharging, thereby maximizing battery lifespan and minimizing energy consumption.

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The versatile forklift lithium battery pack is specifically designed to seamlessly integrate with various types of forklifts, including END-RIDERs, PALLET-TRUCKs, Electric Narrow Aisle forklifts, and Counterbalanced forklifts, ensuring efficient power delivery and optimal performance in diverse material handling operations.When it comes to heavy-duty tasks, Counterbalanced forklifts require a robust power source. FT72300 72 volt electric forklift Rechargeable lithium battery pack excels in this area, providing high energy density and longer run times. With this advanced battery, Counterbalanced forklift operators can tackle challenging tasks with ease, enhancing overall productivity and reducing the need for frequent Battery changes. This ultimately saves time and resources, resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective material handling process. 

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Electric Narrow Aisle

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