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FT36700 powerful 36v lithium battery for forklift

Short Description:

Introducing the GeePower 38.4V700Ah LiFePO4 forklift battery – the ultimate power solution for heavy-duty industrial applications. With its high-capacity of 700Ah and voltage of 38.4V, this lithium-ion battery delivers reliable and consistent power to meet the demands of the most challenging work environments. Designed and manufactured with superior-quality LiFePO4 cells and advanced safety features, this forklift battery pack offers exceptional energy density, faster charging, and longer life cycling of up to 3000 cycles. Its unique plug-and-play design allows for seamless installation, reducing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency. At GeePower, we understand the importance of sustainability in today’s business environment.

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Our 38.4V700Ah LiFePO4 forklift battery pack offers an eco-friendly and reliable energy solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations while reducing their carbon footprint. The extended lifecycle cost savings and low maintenance requirements make this battery pack an ideal investment for businesses of all sizes. We take pride in providing innovative, reliable, and top-quality products and services to our esteemed dealers, helping to expand their business and meet the needs of their customers. Invest in the GeePower 38.4V700Ah LiFePO4 forklift battery pack and take your business to the next level of performance and efficiency.

Description Parameters Description Parameters
Nominal Voltage 38.4V Nominal Capacity 700Ah
Working Voltage 32.4~43.8V Energy 26.88KWH
Max Constant Discharge Current 350A Peak Discharge Current 600A
Recommend Charge Current 350A Recommend Charge Voltage 43.8V
Discharge Temperature -20-55°C Charge Temperature 0-55℃
Storage Temperature(1month) -20-45°C Storage Temperature(1 year) 0-35℃
Dimensions(L*W*H) 630*630*400 mm Weight 240KG
Case Material Steel Protection Class IP65















Our battery cells

FT36700 powerful 36v lithium battery for forklift is made of high quality battery cells.

- Performance: Our lithium batteries excel in energy density and can provide more power and last longer than other batteries.

- Fast charging: Our lithium batteries can charge quickly, saving you time and improving efficiency.

- Cost-effectiveness: Our lithium batteries have a longer lifespan and require zero maintenance, making them an economical choice.

- High power output: Our lithium batteries can deliver high levels of power, meeting your demand for energy.

- Warranty: We offer 5 years of warranty, so you can have peace of mind and rely on our products in the long run due to our solid reputation.


Battery Advantages:

Higher safety performance

Lower self-discharge(<3%)

Higher consistency

Longer cycle life

Faster charging time

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TUV IEC62619

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UL 1642

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SJQA in Japan
Product safety certification system

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MSDS + UN38.3

Our BMS and Protective circuit

FT36700 powerful 36v lithium battery for forklift is well protected by intelligent BMS.

- Safety: Our smart battery management system (BMS) makes sure the battery doesn't overheat, overcharge, or overdischarge. If there's a problem, the BMS alerts the user to prevent damage.

- Efficiency: Our Smart BMS makes the battery work better and last longer with less downtime.

- Downtime: Our Smart BMS checks the battery's health and can predict when there may be a problem. This helps to avoid unplanned downtime.

- User-Friendly: Our Smart BMS is easy to use. It shows you how the battery is performing in real-time, and you can use this data to make better decisions.

- Remote Monitoring: Our Smart BMS can be checked from anywhere in the world. You can see how the battery is doing, change settings, and even take action to prevent problems.

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BMS Multiple Functions

● Battery cells protection

● Monitoring battery cell voltage

● Monitoring battery cell temperature

● Monitoring pack’s voltage & current.

● Control pack’s charge and discharge

● Calculating SOC %

Protective Circuits

● Pre-charge function can avoid damage to batteries and electrical components.

● Fuse can be melted when overload or external short circuit occurs.

● Insulation monitoring and detecting for the full system.

● Multiple strategies can automatically adjust the charge and discharge current of the battery according to different temperature and SOC(%)

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Our battery pack Structure

FT36700 powerful 36v lithium battery for forklift is designed for easy maintenance.

Battery module

Battery Module

GeePower's module design enhances stability and strength of the battery pack, resulting in improved consistency and assembly efficiency. The battery pack features a structure and insulation design in accordance with Electric Vehicle safety standards to ensure elevated safety measures.

Battery pack

Battery Pack

The structural design of our battery pack resembles that of electric vehicle batteries to guarantee that the structural integrity of the battery remains intact during prolonged transportation and operation. The battery and control circuit are separated into two parts for ease of maintenance and repair, with a small window located at the top. It boasts a protection level of up to IP65, making it dust and waterproof.

LCD display

Introducing the groundbreaking GeePower FT36700 Li-ion battery, a revolutionary power solution exclusively tailored for electric forklifts in the Chinese market. This cutting-edge battery pack transforms the way operators monitor and manage their equipment with its integrated LCD display, providing comprehensive and intricate insights. Seamlessly monitor vital details such as state of charge (SOC), voltage, current, operational hours, and potential anomalies, maximizing battery efficiency. Effortlessly navigate the user-friendly interface for instant access to crucial information. GeePower exemplifies user convenience and operational efficiency through the sleek and sophisticated design of this battery pack. Elevate your electric forklift experience in China with the enhanced FT36700 Li-ion battery, unleashing unrivaled advanced performance and seamless monitoring capabilities. 

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Remote control

Discover the unparalleled convenience and unmatched effectiveness offered by GeePower's cutting-edge battery packs. Experience easy access to real-time operational data, conveniently accessible on a personal computer or mobile device. Simply scan the convenient QR code on the battery compartment to instantly retrieve vital information such as state of charge (SOC), voltage, current and runtime. Take advantage of this incredible capability to quickly detect any potential violations or concerns and stay up-to-date on developments and information. Say goodbye to complicated monitoring systems and adopt a user-friendly interface that ensures seamless battery performance tracking and easy data retrieval. Revolutionize the way you monitor battery performance by embracing the unparalleled convenience and effectiveness that GeePower offers.

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Introducing the breakthrough GeePower Li-ion battery pack, a cutting-edge and engineered solution designed to efficiently power a wide range of electric forklift truck models. Our custom battery packs are engineered to meet the specific energy needs of end drive forklifts, pallet trucks, electric narrow aisle forklifts and counterbalanced forklifts. With an unwavering commitment to precision and the use of premium materials, we ensure unrivaled durability and outstanding performance. Enjoy the benefits of an uninterruptible power supply for seamless operation and increased efficiency. Say goodbye to frequent failures, costly downtime, and the resulting outages and delays. Our reliable solutions can meet the different needs of various work environments, ensuring that your forklift always performs at its best. Choose our FT36700 long life industrial battery forklift 36v selection and enjoy the unwavering guarantee of reliable power. Say goodbye to any worries about productivity and confidently exceed the rigors of your operations. Trust GeePower to transform your forklift experience and unlock unprecedented levels of performance.

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Electric Narrow Aisle

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