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2023 CALB Brand L148N58A NCM 3.7v 58ah New Grade A Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery

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Introducing the 3.7V 58AH CALB Prismatic NCM Battery – an advanced and reliable power solution designed to provide superior performance for a wide variety of applications.  With a voltage output of 3.7V and capacity of 58AH, these prismatic NCM batteries from CALB exceed industry standards in terms of longevity and robustness. These batteries use the latest battery technology to ensure optimum efficiency and reliability, allowing uninterrupted power for continuous operation. Trust CALB prismatic ternary batteries to deliver a new level of professionalism for your energy needs with unwavering excellence.

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    High Consistency
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Prismatic NCM Cell

CALB prismatic ternary batteries are top quality Li-ion batteries with exceptional energy density. Since they can withstand many charge and discharge cycles, they have a long service life. These batteries provide high power output for demanding applications such as electric vehicles and renewable energy storage. Safety is a top priority, with built-in protection against overcharging and overheating. These batteries are also environmentally friendly, free of harmful metals, and have a low self-discharge rate. CALB prismatic ternary batteries provide reliable and efficient power solutions, making them ideal for numerous industries and promoting sustainable development.

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Full Life Cycle Management

Battery life Cycle management
High Consistency of performance

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Dimensional Standard

Meet a variety of
dimensional standards

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Environmental Friendly

Passed environmental
system certification

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Excellent performance in Low temperature
Good environmental adaptability

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Long Life

long cycle life
Up To 2000 times

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Ultra Safe

Explosion-proof, Anti-short circuit design
high safety performance

Size Diagram

2023 CALB Brand L148N58A NCM 3.7v 58ah New Grade A Prismatic Lithium-ion Battery (1)
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Product Parameters



Model Number




Nominal Capacity 58Ah@1C

Typical Voltage


AC Internal Resistance


Standard charge and dischargeCharge/Discharge Current


Standard charge and discharge Charge/Discharge Cut-off Voltage 4.35V/2.75V
Continuous Charge/Discharge Current 1C/1C
Pulse Charge/Discharge Current (30s) 2C/3C
Capability retention under room temperature Capability retention≥94%
Maximum Pulse Discharging Current(Short Pulse)


Recommended SOC window


Charging Working Temperature


Discharging Working Temperature





Shell Material Aluminium alloy

Cycle life

≥2000 Times

Electrical Performance Diagram

1.Thermal-Electrochemical Coupled Model


2.Total J/R and Stack Model

ahuning (3)
ahuning (2)

3.Charge and discharge curve: comparison of simulation and actual measurement accuracy

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ahuning (4)

Package Diagram


Famous Brand Manufacturer

Production Line

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Products Certificate

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Power your future with CALB batteries - reliable passenger car NCM batteries solutions for all your needs.


Unlock the potential of clean and sustainable energy with CALB batteries - a cutting-edge solution that delivers exceptional performance, durability and efficiency. Whether you need power for electric vehicles, residential energy systems or industrial applications, CALB batteries guarantee unwavering reliability and superior power output. With its advanced technology and robust construction, CALB batteries ensure optimal energy storage, allowing you to maximize the benefits of renewable energy while minimizing your carbon footprint. Say goodbye to frequent charging and hello to longer charging cycles thanks to the long life and excellent charge retention of CALB batteries. Choose AVIC Battery and experience a new level of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and environmental responsibility. Embrace the future of energy with CALB batteries - the trusted choice for sustainable power solutions.

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