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All-in-One Containerized Lithium Battery Energy Storage Systems(BESS)from GeePower

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Container type power station energy storage system is an integrated battery system, battery management system, monitoring system, auxiliary system (temperature control, security) as one and installed in the container power station energy storage system.

Container type power station energy storage system have a wide variety of uses such as they can be used to realise the full benefits of CO2 reduction technologies, like on-site solar and wind power generation, Electric Vehicle charging and feedback of power to the grid.

In its simplest form, a battery storage system can be installed on your site as a standalone technology. The most common application is to store energy generated by solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, for use at times when they are not generating.

Features of the Energy Storage System

Mature, safe, and eco-friendly high-phosphate lithium iron battery meets MW-level power output requirements

 High energy conversion efficiency, including comprehensive control strategies for industry-leading performance

 Dynamic balancing battery management technology for quick and automatic battery maintenance

 Multi-level battery management system for flexibility, reliability, and ease of expansion and upgrade

 Remote viewing capability for real-time understanding of system information

Battery cabinet parameters

The battery cabinet is equipped with a professional BMS, variable frequency liquid cooling unit, fire protection system, etc.

rd56rt (1)
Battery system configuration 1P416S (1P52S*8)
Rated voltage of battery 1331.2V
Battery voltage range 1164.8V~1497.6V
Nominal energy (BOL) 418kWh
Rated charge/discharge current 157A
Charge/discharge rate ≤0.5P
Cycle life 6000
Protection level IP54
Thermal management Liquid cooling
Liquid cooling unit Cooling capacity 5kW
Fire protection system Heptafluoropropane/aerosol/perfluorohexanone/water (optional)
Operating temperature range -20~50℃(discharge)
Operating humidity range 0~95%(non-condensing)
Permissible altitude ≤3000m (derating above 2000m)
Noise level ≤75dB
Weight 3500kg
Dimensions (W*D*H) 1300*1350*2300mm
Communication interface RS485/Ethernet/CAN

Container layout diagram

rd56rt (2)
rd56rt (3)


1.Highly Integrated

Integrated design of boosting inverter, highly compact

Improved space utilization, easy installation and deployment

Unique modular design, flexible power configuration

2.Intelligent Coordination

Equipped with automatic load peak shaving and valley filling strategy

Multiple operating modes: VSG/PQ/VFOff-grid synchronization and black start function

3.Efficient and Stable

1500V system, wide DC voltage range

Unique multiple branch DC connection, avoid direct battery cluster

parallel connection, effectively solve circulation problem

4.Grid-friendly Features

LVRT and HVRT functions

Active and reactive power four-quadrant adjustment functions

Rapid power response (<10ms)

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