Toyota BT Optio series was introduced, immediately by the majority of enterprises. DFDS Transport Solutions AB’s Sören Franzén stated: “BT Optio series continues the Toyota forklift series family design concept, the BT Optio series battery, appearance, performance, and other aspects of the upgrade, especially in the climbing performance, safety performance has been comprehensively upgraded, BT Optio with the door frame tilt; Automatic level of the fork; A variety of safety features, such as driving and turning speed control, and new “orange seat belt”

BT-Optio-L-series-Low-level-order-pickers BT-Optio-M-series-Medium-level-order-pickers BT-Optio-H-series-High-level-order-pickers

BT Optio L-series

BT Optio M-series

BT Optio H-series

Low-level order pickers

Low-level order pickers are ideal for fast-moving goods operations.

Quick and easy to drive – with optional platform lift, the elevation of load,

and semi-automated operation

1.0 – 2.5 tonnes load capacities

Picking height up to 2.6 m

Medium-level order pickers

Compact truck for working in

confined picking areas. Guided

or free-ranging operation

1.0 tonne load capacity

Picking height up to 6.3 m

High-level order pickers

Designed for higher level picking in very

narrow aisles, wire or rail-guided operation,

as well as free-ranging outside aisles

1.0 – 1.2 tonnes load capacities

Picking height up to 12 m


When the Bt Optio Series battery reaches the end of its service life, the lead-acid battery equipped with BT Optio will experience a variety of issues, including decreased use time, insufficient battery kinetic energy, battery maintenance and other issues, and decreased forklift use, all of which will reduce the efficiency of the company’s logistics operations. In terms of battery selection, lithium batteries completely outperform lead-acid batteries in all performance metrics. When considering lithium batteries as an alternative, the following are the best options:

LiFePO4-vs-Lead-Acid-Discharge-Curve-ENLithium LiFePO4 vs Lead discharge curve


The discharge curve of the lithium-ion battery is much flatter in the picture, whereas the voltage of the lead-acid battery changes dramatically during discharge, implying that the voltage change at the battery terminals is very small over a wide operating range, which is the most intuitive. When the battery is low, the lithium-ion battery still has a lot of power, but the power of the lead-acid battery is obviously insufficient. The graph below shows that the voltage measurement difference between 40% and 80% of the DoD value for a 48V lead-acid battery is approximately 6.0V, whereas lithium iron phosphate is only 0.5V!

OCV-vs-SOC-ENLithium vs AGM Soc estimation by OCV method

And the use of lithium batteries can effectively reduce the charging time from 8-10 hours to 1-2 hours, which can also greatly shorten the battery charging time (and does not require any cooling at all). Not only in terms of usage and charging, lithium batteries are also completely superior to lead-acid batteries in terms of service life, maintenance-free, and safe use.

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In response to this phenomenon, GeePower has launched an exclusive Bt Optio Series battery solution, which can be customized according to your specific needs in terms of business type, application, utilization rate, company vision, complexity, sustainability, etc.

Battery Storage

In response to this trend, GeePower has developed an exclusive Bt Optio Series battery solution that can be tailored to your specific requirements in terms of business type, application, utilization rate, company vision, complexity, sustainability, and so on.
GeePower has an experienced technical solution team who can provide customized solutions to meet different requirements. Our process is: communicate project requirements with customers → provide technical parameters for confirmation → design electrical schematics for inspection → design 3D structural diagrams for inspection → sign sample contracts → make samples. According to the actual needs of each company, it is an exclusive solution to replace the fleet’s old batteries according to the company’s usage scenarios, shifts, models, and forklift operating hours. Welcome to contact us to provide professional solutions for your project.