Forklifts are widely used in ports, airports, factory workshops, etc. It is an indispensable equipment for handling operations, pallet transportation, container transportation and so on. Although its applications has a mature trend. There are still many problems and accidents happening during use, especially the safety problems during charging. And a dedicated charger is very important. 

Charging Problems

Besides the common problems like: Charging in high temperature and humid environments,Unattended long-term charging;Overcharging & overdischarging; Electrode reverse charging and so on. There is another serious problem that most people might have ignored. That the driver may carelessly start the forklift when it is still plugged-in for charging, which will pull out the battery charger from the mains port. Thus causing serious damage to the charger and related equipment. 



 To address this problem, GeePower® employs a specially-designed charger for our forklift battery. As follows: 


Forklift charger

Specially-Designed Charger

The battery is not allowed to discharge while charging. As is shown in the picture above, the two large contacting terminals are the positive/negative terminals of the power supply. And the two small contacting terminals in the middle are signal terminals, which are used to get mutual exclusion reaction of charging & discharging. In this way, the forklift cannot be started during charging, which improves the safety and avoid many unnecessary losses for our customers. 

About GeePower® 

GeePower was founded in early 1982s for producing different kinds of batteries and started to produce batteries in 1988. And after 33 years of development, we have become the pioneer in the rechargeable battery industry of China and professional manufacturer of Battery cells, Forklift batteries, etc. Moreover, We possess a sophisticated Quality Management System to ensure the safety & quality, if you were in the market the proper battery you need, we would be your ideal supplier. 

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