The Toyota BT Reflex range of powerful reach trucks is ideal for indoor horizontal transportation and stacking in warehouses, distribution centers, and logistics companies, with high acceleration and exceptional drivability for optimum pallet movement. The BT Reflex battery provided decent forklift power at the time and supported multiple shift Reflex battery replacement services. With lift heights of up to 11 meters and load capacities from 1.2 to 5 tons, the Toyota BT Reflex series offers truck models suitable for block stacking, drive-in racking, and long load.
Toyota BT Reflex B/M/R/O/E series
Despite being excellent in terms of high acceleration and driving experience, it is worth noting that the Reflex B/M/R/O/E Series is equipped with a 48-V lead-acid battery, which means that when compared to mainstream lithium-ion batteries on the market, this is an area that needs to be improved. Energy density, service life, charge-discharge ratio, and cost are the primary indicators used to assess battery performance. In terms of performance, in addition to cost advantages, lead-acid batteries are significantly different from lithium-ion batteries in many ways.

Lead-acid batteries have an energy density of 50-70Wh/kg, whereas lithium iron phosphate batteries have an energy density of 140-200Wh/kg. The difference in energy density is the primary reason why lithium-ion batteries can be used as powered forklift batteries.


Lead-acid batteries have only 500-700 charging cycles, whereas lithium-iron phosphate batteries have more than 2,000 charging cycles. In the long run, if lead-acid batteries are used as power Reflex Battery, lithium ions are better suited for forklift batteries.

In addition, lead-acid batteries have memory effects and poor environmental performance. As a result, it cannot compete in terms of performance with lithium-ion batteries. Lead-acid batteries, despite being less expensive, are not as cost-effective as lithium-ion batteries due to their poor performance. This is why lithium-ion batteries are now used as power batteries in most forklifts.

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GeePower has solutions for BMS R&D System customization that can easily be installed on a loaded vehicle to simplify the charging and exchange process. It will improve the efficiency of your loading vehicle. The GeePower Customization Reflex Battery will be available on all Toyota BT Reflex trucks for enhanced mobility. It also means that the direction of travel can be changed in a single smooth and continuous movement, allowing for the highest possible work rate. The steering is electronic and progressive, which makes it easy for the driver. A lithium battery can add a new and exciting dynamic to your company’s unloading vehicle. Equipped with AC drive technology for reduced maintenance and battery opportunity charging for multi-shift applications.