Project Description

Customized portable power bank contains 600~1500wh energy

1. Overview

This portable power bank is designed as a backup power bank for outdoor and indoor usages. It contains a Lithium ion battery pack and a pure sine wave inverter(110v and 220 for option), constant power is 450w, peak power up to 700w. It can be charged by AC charger or solar panels, even DC power supply is also available to charge it.

2. Pictures

The Portable Power bank is contained in a strong ABS enclosure. All input and output connections are mounted on the box. There are no operator adjustments on this product.

Portable power supply

Cooling air is drawn in through a filter on the bottom side and exhausted out the up side.

portable power supply air cooling

The portable power bank output operating status is indicated by front panel LED. 5V USB output and 12V cigarette lighter, AC power jacks and control rocker switch also are located on the front panel. The LCD battery indicator shows the remaining power of the power supply and installed in the center of the front panel.

3. Portable power bank’s other optional functions

Jump starter and Input charge connectors are mounted on the left side of box. Solar charge, DC-DC charge, 12V cigarette lighter are available for option. Other functions also can be made according to client’s requests.

portable power supply jump starter

4. Portable power bank’s Specification

 This table is showing 1200wh Lithium ion battery pack paremeters.

No. Item Parameters
1 Total energy 1200wh(600~1500wh are available)
2 Working temperature -10~+60°C
3 Storage ambient temperature -20~+45°C
4 Storage Humidity 60±25%RH
5 Working elevation <1000m
6 Dimensions 390*285*170mm
7 Net weight 9.5kg
8 AC Power Charge 15A(12.6V)
9 DC-DC charge(optional) 10A
10 Solar Energy Charge(optional) 15A(charge time≈6hours)


5. Built-in DC-AC Inverter Specification

No. Item Parameters
1 Power 450W (Peak 700W)
2 No-load current <0.53A(DC 13V)
3 Output wave Pure sine wave
4 Waveform distortion factor THD<3%
5 Output efficiency > 86%(DC13V)
6 Overload protection 115%~118%

This is a very small but versatile portable power bank, suitable for many different scenarios and purposes. It provides DC5V, DC12V and AC110V, AC220V output respectively. This portable power supply is a very good choice whether it is going out camping or responding to emergency power outages at home. Built-in Solar controller/charger, can be charged by solar panels, replenish power at zero cost. Built-in high C-rate power battery cells, also can be used for car jump starter. Other functions are available to be customized, OEM or ODM are available too. Contact with us to get your solutions.