Project Description

Low speed vehicle Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery

1. Overview

This Low speed vehicle Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery is specially designed for Electric Tricycle(Tuktuk/Tutu/Toto/Bajaj). Voltage can be 48V, 60V, 72V or others, provide 5~10kwh energy. The battery pack is packed in a metal box which can replace lead acid battery packs directly. There are some open holes on the box for easy mounting. BMS is built-in for battery cells protection, it can detect all of the cells voltage to control charge and discharge, temperature sensors are built-in too.


Handle on the top of box

Handle on the two ends of box

Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery


2. Low speed vehicle Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery

This batery pack is assembled from lithium batteries, provide clean energy, high energy density and more than 2000times lifespan. The main data as below:

No. Item Parameters(for reference only)
1 Nominal voltage 48V 64V 72V
2 Rated capacity 80AH 100Ah 120Ah
3 Rated energy 3840Wh 6400Wh 8640Wh
5 Rated charge current 15A 20A 25A
Max charge current 40A Fast charge 50A Fast charge 60A Fast charge
6 Rated discharge current 80A 100A 100A
7 Max discharge current 120A(30s) 150A(30s) 180A(30s)
10 Weight ≈33kg ≈48kg 60kg
11 Dimensions Can be customized
Operating Temperature 0~55℃


3. Low speed vehicle Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery

This is our 48V67Ah battery pack box drawing  for reference. Any other voltage and capacity are available, we also can help you to customiz other dimensions. We have some experienced Electrical engineers and structural engineers, they are ready to provide OEM and ODM service for you.

Low speed vehicle Tutu rickshaw lithium battery

4. Charger for GeePower Tuktuk rickshaw lithium battery

We have different AC-DC chargers for different battery packs, you can contact with us to get detailed datasheet. Pictures for reference as below:


This series of battery packs are customized for Electric Tricycle(Tuktuk/Tutu/Toto/Bajaj), with high energy and power output for driving. Built-in a smart battery management system, all of the data can be read from a LCD screen(optional). These are some photos of this power system.

Low speed vehicle Tutu rickshaw lithium battery

5. Reliable Packing for international transportation

Each battery is packed in a moisture-proof PE bag and then put into a wooden case. Foot of battery case are fixed on the wooden case with iron nails. The extra space inside the box is filled with pearl cotton.


Other customized battery packs for Tuktuk are available to be customized, OEM or ODM are available too. Contact with us to get your private solutions.