Project Description

5kwh solar system with pv and MPPT inverter for home application

1. Overview

The 5kwh solar system with pv, LiFePO4 battery and MPPT inverter is specially developed for home application, this system mainly consists of PV modules, MPPT inverter, LiFePO4 battery bank. Can work with or without battery, if “solar first” is selected as output source priority and battery is not connected, solar energy and the utility will provide the loads. It also can operate as a off-grid inverter to provide continuous power even without the grid. It is a perfect power solution for home application. Specically for some places have large different electric price for day and night.

5kwh solar system

2. 5kwh solar system Solar Panel Specification

This 5kwh solar system is powered by 10pcs 300w solar panels.

No. Item Parameters
1 Max Power(Pmax) 300w(±5%w)
2 Max Power Voltage(Vmp) 34.2V
3 Max Power Current(Imp) 8.77A
4 Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 41.04V
5 Short Circuit Current(Isc) 9.38A
6 Max Rectified Current 10A
7 Max Series Fuse 15A
8 Max Temperature 85℃
9 Max System Voltage 1000Vdc
10 Weight ≈14kg
11 Dimensions 1290*1134*40mm


solar panels

3. 5kwh solar system Inverter Specification

This is a smart pure sine wave Solar inverter + MPPT solar charger + AC charger inside, high frequency techonlogy, 100% power, Configurable AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting.Wall mounted design. AC Output: 110V or 230V. Can work without battery at daytime. Support computer monitor with RS232 interface. Max PV input: 500Vdc.

5kw Inverter Technical Data

No. Item Parameters
1 Rated power 5kw
2 PV INPUT(DC) Max. PV Array Power 4kw
Nominal PV Voltage 240VDC
PV Array MPPT Voltage range 120~450VDC
Open circuit voltage 500V DC
Max charging current(AC+PV) 80A
3 AC INPUT(AC) Nominal Input Voltage 230VAC±5%
Low Loss Voltage 170VAC±7V(UPS); 90VAC±7V
Low Loss Return Voltage 180VAC±7V(UPS); 100VAC±7V
High Loss Voltage 280VAC±7V
High Loss Return Voltage 270VAC±7V
Max. AC Input voltage 300VAC
Nominal Input Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Transfer Time 10ms typical(UPS); 20ms typical
4 BATTERY MODE OUTPUT(AC) Nominal output power 5KVA/5KW
Surge Power 10000VA
Nominal output voltage 230VAC±5%
Output waveform Pure sine wave
Efficiency(DC to AC) 93%
5 UTILITY CHARGER Nominal DC Voltage 48V DC
Max. charging current 60A
Bulk charging voltage 58.4V/56.4V
Floating charging voltage 54VDC
Overcharge protection 63VDC
6 Dimensions(DxWxH) 481x313x117(mm)
7 Net weight 10.5kg
8 Communication Interface RS232/USB

5kwh solar system with 5kw inverter

4. 5kwh solar system built-in LiFePO4 battery pack Specification

This system is built-in Lithium-iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4), very high Energy Density(>140wh/kg), high gravimetric and volumetric energy density and high cycle life(>5000times, calendar lifespan up to 10years). Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are considered to be the safest batteries, it is widely used in Electric vehicles and home energy storage fileds.

No. Item Parameters
1 Nominal voltage 51.2V
2 Rated capacity 100AH
3 Rated energy 5120kwh
4 Voltage Range 40~58.4V
5 Rated charge current 50A
6 Max charge current 100A
7  Rated discharge current 50A
8 Max continuous discharge current 100A
9 Operating Temperature 0~55℃
10 Battery type LiFePO4
11 Lifespan >5000times

5kwh solar system with LiFePO4 battery

This System is customized for home application, storage solar energy into battery pack in daytime, and discharge it in night time.

Other functions are available to be customized, OEM or ODM are available too. Contact with us to get your private solutions.