Project Description

150kwh PV off-grid system for street lamps

1. Overview

The PV off-grid system mainly consists of PV modules, combiner box, off-grid inverter, battery bank and user loads. Off-Grid inverter range is available in models from 10 kVA ~ 120 kVA with DSP digital control technology, it is combined with pulse-width modulation (SVPWM), disturbance MPPT control and multi-level control technology to enable the system to track the maximum power of PV modules fast. Its secure power supply feature provides good quality power with regulated voltage and frequency to the loads, and it is featured with energy storage and staggering power consumption as well. It is an ideal inverter for medium-sized or large-scale residential, commercial and industrial PV applications which are off the grid, such as village, farm, factory, office building and islands etc.

150kwh PV off-grid system

2. PV Modules Specification

This 150kwh PV off-grid system is powered by 120pcs 270w solar panels.

No. Item Parameters
1 Max Power(Pmax) 270w(±5%w)
2 Max Power Voltage(Vmp) 30.5V
3 Max Power Current(Imp) 8.5A
4 Open Circuit Voltage(Voc) 37.2V
5 Short Circuit Current(Isc) 9A
6 Max Rectified Current 10A
7 Max Series Fuse 15A
8 Max Temperature 85℃
9 Max System Voltage 1000Vdc
10 Weight ≈18kg
11 Dimensions 1640x992mm


150kwh PV off-grid system

3. 150kwh PV off-grid system Inverter Specification

AC mains power is input via the rectifier switch and is converted to DC power to charge the battery and power up DC bus. Solar power input is converted by a PV switch through MPPT power module to supply to the battery and DC bus. The inverter module converts the DC power of DC bus to pure AC power free from the mains interference. In the event of mains supply interruption, backup power is provided to the load by the battery and MPPT module through inverter module. For inverter failure or overload timeout, loads can be driven by AC bypass through bypass breaker and bypass static switch. In addition, to maintain or service the system, maintenance switch can be manually controlled to power the loads. When the system is in normal operation, all switches except the maintenance switch are closed.


150kwh PV off-grid system Inverter Technical Data

No. Item Technical Data
1 Rated power 20kVA
2 Rated current 30A
3 Output power factor 0.9
4 Operating mode AC and PV complementation
5 PV INPUT Max. voltage(Voc) 750Vdc
Optimum operating voltage(Vmp) 450~550Vdc
Max. conversion efficiency ≥98%
MPPT Max. current 60A
Max. PV power 25kw
6 AC RECTIFIER Input voltage range 380 V ± 20% three-phase
Rated frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz ± 5 Hz (settable)
Power factor 0.8
Max. charging current 25A
7 INVERTER Inverter voltage 380 Vac three-phase + N+PE
Phase voltage 220 / 230 / 240 Vac (settable)
Rated frequency 50 / 60 Hz ± 1 Hz (settable)
Waveform distortion Sinusoidal
Max. efficiency ≥ 91%
8 Communication Interface RS232, RS485, SNMP (optional)
9 Remote control Inverter startup, shutdown, abnormal clearance, EPO, battery self-test
10 Dry contacts output Bypass input abnormal, rectifier input abnormal, system fault, system alarm, low battery, output overload, fan fault, generator ON / OFF
11 IP Rating IP 20
12 Dimensions 450 × 840 × 1100(mm)
13 Weight 245kg


4. 150kwh PV off-grid system LiFePO4 battery pack Specification

This system is built-in Lithium-iron phosphate battery(LiFePO4), very high Energy Density(>140wh/kg), high gravimetric and volumetric energy density and high cycle life(>5000times, calendar lifespan up to 10years). Lithium-iron phosphate batteries are considered to be the safest batteries, it is widely used in Electric vehicles and home energy storage fileds.

No. Item Parameters
1 Nominal voltage 358.4V
2 Rated capacity 420AH
3 Rated energy 150kwh
4 Voltage Range 280~408.8V
5 Rated charge current 80A
6 Max charge current 120A
7  Rated discharge current 80A
8 Max continuous discharge current 200A
9 Operating Temperature 0~55℃
10 Battery type LiFePO4
11 Lifespan >5000times

150kwh PV off-grid system LiFePO4 battery pack

This System is off-grid, customized for street lighting projects, storage solar energy into battery pack in daytime, and discharge it in night time to power on street lamps. The administrator can remote control this whole system and read all of the parameters on PC.

Other functions are available to be customized, OEM or ODM are available too. Contact with us to get your private solutions.