What is the Off-Grid solar storage system? 


Off-Grid solar storage system refer to power supplies that are not connected to the public grid. These power storage systems are often called as “Independent Power Systems” or “Remote Regional Power Systems”. They are stand-alone power stations that provide the power needed for a variety of applications. Such as in hospital, at remote station, at business office or places that require 24- hours power supply. The Off-Grid solar storage system plays a significant role in these field. 

 How about On-Grid ? 

Brief introduction: On-grid refers to the need to connect to the public grid. That is, solar power generation, home power grids, and public power grids are linked together. This is a power generation system that must rely on the public grid to operate. When the public grid is cut off, all the power systems cannot work. 

What are the main constituent parts of the Off-Grid solar storage system of GeePower®? 

  • Solar Input 

The solar battery is the main part of the solar power supply system and also the most valuable component. Its function is to convert the solar radiation energy into direct current energy. 

  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) 

The MPPT is an upgraded product of the traditional solar charging and discharging controller, which functions to regulate and control the power generated by the solar battery pack. It maximizes the charging of the battery and protects the battery from over charging & discharging. In places with extremely low or high temperature, GeePower® will add adapting system to ensure safety, such as a heating system. 

  • Storage battery 

The main task of the storage battery is to store energy & power in case of need. 

  • Battery Management System with PC display  

BATTERY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (BMS) is the link between the battery and the user. It is mainly used for secondary batteries to improve the utilization of the battery and prevent overcharging and overdischarging of the battery.  GeePower® adds a computer as the PC display to control the battery system. So that we can view various information from PC of the battery, including battery voltage, current, temperature, status and so on. Moreover, with a remote control terminal, you can control the working state of the system through the mobile phone (system startup and shutdown). 

  • Off-Grid inverter (pure sine wave inverter) 

The off-grid inverter is the core component of this system, which converts direct current into alternating current for AC load. In order to improve the overall performance of the photovoltaic power generation system and ensure the long-term stable operation of the power station, the performance index of the inverter is very important. GeePower® employs the pure sine wave inverter, whose waveform is stable, has no distortion, not easy to be deformed, and has strong load capacity. 

Off-Grid solar storage system

Off-Grid solar storage system

About GeePower® 

GeePower Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1982s for producing different kinds of batteriers , started to produce batteries in 1988. After 36years of development, we have grown to become the pioneer of the rechargeable battery industry in China. We enjoy high reputation and are fully experienced in this field. 

Our Off-Grid solar storage system is made from phosphate LiFePO4 and is widely used in remote mountainous areas, no electricity areas, islands, hospitals, business centers, communication stations, street lights and other applications. With the advantages of : 

  • Not easily damaged, but easy to maintain, and suitable for unattended use. 
  • BMS System : Safety Ensured. 
  • Clean and Eco-friendly energy supply. 
  • Long-term storage. 
  • Various combination and specifications for your requirements 

If you are in the market for these battery systems    Please feel free to contact with us !