From September 20 to 22, 2022, the annual top-level exhibition “CeMAT Russia 2022” in the logistics handling equipment industry was held at Crocus Expo, Moscow International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition attracted more than 137 companies from 10 countries with more than 100 equipment exhibitors.CeMAT-Russia-2022
With the support of Liugong’s Russian subsidiary and Liugong’s forklift distributor OM in Moscow, Liugong Forklift brought 12 pieces of equipment to the exhibition “CeMAT Russia 2022”, including a new C-series four-pivot electric fork and booth model standing at the entrance of the exhibition hall. New products were unveiled, including the C series three-pivot narrow-curve electric fork, full off-road forklift, forward storage truck, etc.Liugong’s booth is at the main booth in Hall 2. On the exhibition’s opening day, many industry customers stopped to visit, especially for the C series three-pivot electric fork CLGA18-T, full off-road forklift CLG2030H-R, and forward storage truck CLG2R020-SM. Other new models follow Liugong’s deep design foundation, combining intelligence, toughness, firmness, and integrated control, and are advertised as leading models in the industry.
In particular, the new all-terrain forklift CLG2030H-R has a solid design to meet the material handling of rough road working conditions, which confirms LiuGong’s mechanical properties of “extreme working conditions and powerful equipment.”CeMAT-Russia-Fotklift

The booth’s 11 sets of forklifts and storage equipment were highlighted, which attracted many visitors to visit and test rides. The dealers’ on-site sales reception staff patiently answered the audience’s questions so that the audience could have a deeper understanding of Liugong’s forklift product line.

With the post-epidemic economic recovery and the improvement of bilateral trade between China and Russia, the Sino-Russian trade volume from January to August 2022 will increase by 31.4% to US$117 billion. On this basis, the capacity of the Russian forklift market has increased significantly year on year. From January to August 2022, the sales volume of Liugong forklifts in the Pan-Russian region of the country more than doubled year-on-year, and at the same time, added several official agent channels in new markets.

The exhibition’s appearance is not only a demonstration of the closeness of LiuGong products to customers but also a demonstration of LiuGong’s overall innovation strength. On the principle of meeting customer needs and listening to customers’ voices, LiuGong and distributors continue to provide customers with minimal product support.


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