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GeePower® Battery Pouch Cell

The battery pouch cell is a type of soft battery cell: cell components are enclosed in an aluminum-coated plastic film. Without the hard metal case, the pouch cell makes the most efficient use of space and is light-weighted. Pouch cells can be made into a variety of sizes and shapes.

GeePower® offers a low-cost, flexible structure in Lithium battery pouch cell with a solid electrolyte. Typically, electrodes and solid electrolytes are packaged in foil envelopes and stacked or laminated in layers. Batteries with solid electrolytes are safer and free of leakage. The foil structure enables a very thin and light battery design. But the lack of rigidity in the housing has the possibility of swelling as the battery temperature rises.

The advantages of the pouch cell are:

▷greater energy density at the same weight

▷higher discharge rate

▷improved safety performance

▷lower internal resistance

However, battery pouch cell production is more challenging than cylindrical or prismatic type; its technical requirements for the manufacturer are higher.

GeePower® is one of the first Lithium pouch cell manufacturers in China to achieve mass production. With over a decade of experience, GeePower® possess complete and essential intellectual property rights for Lithium pouch cells, with more than ten patent certificates for them.

GeePower® Lithium battery pouch cells are used in drones, racing motorcycles, racing cars, and jump starters, and suitable for any application that requires power magnification, explosive power, and instant powerful output.

GeePower® provides turnkey solutions to meet your requirements and budget. Our engineers first learn about the needs of the device, the operating environment, the charger and other accessories. Additionally, it is necessary to consider safety, cost and space before choosing the battery cell. GeePower® engineers are professionals with 10+ year’s experience. They can answer all of your questions about Lithium-ion batteries and offer a full range of solutions, from traction batteries to battery energy storage systems.

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