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GeePower® Lithium ion Forklift battery

Lithium forklift batteries have metallic lithium as an anode and referred to as lithium-metal batteries. They in their high charge density and comparatively high cost per unit. To comparison tradition lead acid battery, Lead acid forklift need add water regularly and battery safety risks: spills, overheating, dangerous gases and old or corroded,GeePower® lithium battery do not produce any toxic gasses when charging, making them a convenience and safe option for indoor warehouse operations.

GeePower® Lithium ion Forklift battery are designed and developed by our company. All of the batteries are assembled by 3.2V Lithium iron phosphate battery cells, lifespan up to 2000times(100% DOD charge and discharge). Our Lithium Forklift battery can be customized to meet different requirements(size and functions). Built-in program BMS with CAN BUS function, online PC, monitor the working status of each battery cell. It also comes together with a LCD display, can show battery’s parameters (voltage, current, temperature, high and low-voltage, SOC, etc.)

GeePower® Structural engineer and electrical engineer can design the products to meet your requirements or your projects. Our sales team is also well trained. Send us email to get your customized Lithium Forklift battery solutions, you will get reply within 24hours.

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