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GeePower® Battery Modules Introduce

A GeePower® battery module is made of many cells. It is necessary to pass strict screening, assemble the consistent cell into a modular battery module according to precise design, and add a single battery monitoring and management device.
The main advantage of GeePower® modular batteries is that it is easy to replace. The operation of the system or the site will not be impacted if one of the modules fails; you can simply replace that module rather than discarding the entire battery system.
another great advantage of GeePower® modular batteries is heat dissipation: with a good battery management system, modular batteries will dissipate heat much better than a single large battery pack.
“battery cell- module – battery pack” is the order from small to large. The term “battery module ” refers to a battery pack that has been engineered to cooperate with other battery packs that meet the same specifications. By introducing or reducing batteries in a modular setup, you’ll be able to fulfill your power requirement without being limited to a set capacity or voltage. In addition to the mechanical frame that supports the cells, a modular battery also includes bus bars to electrically connect the cells, a cooling interface, and a sensing harness that communicates data about the health of each cell to the battery management system (BMS). Normally, around 12 cells go into a conventional modular batteries for evs and the capacity is within the 2~3kwh range.
GeePower® company has extensive experience building battery modules, allowing for stable operation and excellent heat dissipation frame protection while also allowing for customization to meet your needs. If you need to customize the battery modules or have questions about the battery modular, please consult with us!

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