In just a few years, the lithium battery pack has expanded from our daily life to the industrial field. It is not only used in some digital products,laptops and mobile phones, but also in electric vehicles, forklifts, etc. Moreover, some emergency power supplies also has employed lithium battery packs. The application range of lithium battery packs is becoming more and more extensive. Therefore, GeePower®, as an professional battery manufacturer, are paying more attention to the safety of lithium battery packs. For the reasons as follows:

lithium battery packs

lithium battery packs

  • First

the electrode material of a lithium battery is much more active than the electrode materials of a battery such as nickel-hydrogen or nickel-cadmium, Therefore, the charge reaction speed between the electrodes is faster, and the discharge efficiency and other performances are better. However, its controllability will also become lower. Generally speaking, the controllability of the lithium battery pack will be reduced, which increase the possibility of accidents.

  • Secondly

the overall output current of the lithium battery pack is relatively high. As a result, after some failures in the internal circuit, it can lead to very serious consequences. Therefore, some measures to protect the internal circuit are also essential. GeePower® pays special attention to the internal safety of lithium battery packs.

We have some useful measures for the safety of lithium battery packs

  • Capacity grading

The capacity grading of the lithium battery cells is done by  the grading cabinet. After grading the battery, the data of each detection point is obtained through computer .We could know the capacity, internal resistance ,etc, of the lithium battery cells. Therefore, we could assembly the lithium battery packs with the cells that have the same grade of performance, reaching a high qulity and security for our battery packs.


It is the link between the battery and the user, which could monitor battery status and provide digital results to the host processor. Ensuring reliable data collection and analysis to keep lithium-ion batteries in optimal working conditions and prevent overcharging and overdischarging of the battery for safety. GeePower® adds a computer as the PC display to control the battery system. Therefore, we can view information from PC end.

lithium battery packs

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