What is Forklift Battery? 

As a power source for forklifts, tractors, trucks, and other equipment,  forklift batteries are widely used in airports, stations, ports, factory warehouses and other places. It stores the electrical energy during charging. And then it releases  for the drive of forklifts, tractors, etc. It works by converting chemical energy into electrical energy. GeePower® are professional of Li-Poly Forklift Battery.

Main Constituent Parts of the Li-Poly Forklift Battery 

  • Battery cells 

They are the smallest unit of an forklift battery. At GeePower®, all the battery cells are made from LiFePO4 and other Li-polymers, which doesn’t contain the Electrolyte such as Acidic liquid.Therefore, it will be much safer than other batteries. 

  • Battery shells  

The forklift battery has a shell to protect its interior structure. It is  often made by metal materials ,which is stable, reliable and hard to be broken. Depending on the voltage, 24V,48V, 80V and so on, the shell size and structure varies accordingly. Moreover, GeePower® also provide customized service to meet your special needs. 

  • Battery strip

The battery strip is a large lead strip that connects the individual batteries to form a complete circuit.  

  • Battery Management System with LCD display 

GeePower® designed a built-in program BMS with the BUS function and online PC for monitoring  the working status of each battery cells. It is also equipped with  a LCD display, which shows battery’s parameters(voltage, current, temperature, high-voltage, low-voltage, SOC, etc.) 

Li-Poly Forklift Battery

Li-Poly Forklift Battery

Tips for Maintenance 

  • Charge the Battery Correctly 

It should only be charged at certain times & degrees. It is advisable to charge a forklift’s battery when its electeicity is less than 30% and be sure to charge it until it is full. Over or undercharging  can significantly decrease its lifespan. Never interrupt a charge cycle.  

  • Keep it at a Safe Temperature 

Forklifts can be used in extreme environments, so it is essential to consider the ambient temperature for the battery when in use. Therefore, Keeping any battery at a safe temperature, where its operating temperature does not exceed 45℃ (113℉), will help to prolong its life.  

In fact, compared with the traditional lead acid battery, GeePower® Li-Poly forklift battery is a new technology in the battery industry. Therefore, It has the advantages of power consumption saving, fast charging, high discharging efficiency and so on. Due to its fully sealing of lithium cells, it is even maintenance-free. 

About GeePower® 

Li-Poly Forklift Battery

Li-Poly Forklift Battery

GeePower was founded in early 1982s for producing different kinds of batteries and started to produce batteries in 1988. After 33 years of development, we have become the pioneer in the rechargeable battery industry of China and professional manufacturer of Battery cells, Forklift batteries, etc. In addition, we possess a sophisticated Quality Management System to ensure the safety & quality. So, if you were in the market the proper battery you need, we would be your ideal supplier. 

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