Li-ion Pouch cell has brought surprises to the battery world. It employs a polymer shell for protections. Instead of using metal or glass to insulate, it is packed in aluminum-plastic film. Therefore, it just swells or cracks instead of explosion in case of many charging accidents. Besides this, Pouch cell also has many other advantages.  As a professional manufacturer of battery cells, GeePower® would like to make it clearer about why our Pouch cell is so popular. 

Li-ion Pouch cell

Li-ion Pouch cell

 Main advantages of Li-ion Pouch cell : 

  • High packaging efficiency.  

The pouch cell can make full use of space. It could reach 90% to 95% packaging efficiency, which is the highest among the battery packs.  

  • Low weight 

Unlike metal-packaging cell, the pouch cell doesn’t add a lot of weight to a battery pack. The pouch cell  is 40% lighter than the equivalent capacity of the steel shell lithium cell, 20% that of  aluminum shell battery. 

  •  Large capacity, small internal resistance 

The pouch cell has a capacity of 10% to 15%  higher than that of the steel shell of the same size. Meanwhile, the internal resistance of the  pouch cell is smaller than that of the lithium battery, which greatly reduces the self-consumption of the battery. 

  •  Safety ensured 

GeePower® adopts Li-ion Pouch cell.  Because it could avoid accidental explosion which will cause serious damages. However, the Li-ion Pouch cell will just swell when the there are somewher going wrong. When combing the pouch cells into packs, we also make compartment to protect the cell from mechanical stress and be free of sharp edges.  

Moreover,  GeePower® widens the positive and negative poles of our Li-ion Pouch cell, which is even twice that of many other pouch cells. Therefore, the pouch cell could withstand large operative current while charging & discharging, which eliminates many hazards and improves safety. 

About GeePower®  

GeePower Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1982s for producing different kinds of batteries. We started to produce batteries in 1988, especially Li-ion Pouch cell. After 36years of development, we have become the pioneer in the industry of rechargeable battery in China. Moreover, we enjoy a high reputation and are fully experienced in this field. 

Li-ion Pouch cell

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