The GeePower team has released a new high-efficiency, zero-emission lithium battery charging solution for its 2-5 ton electric forklifts. Lithium batteries are widely used in other products, from consumer electronics to electric vehicles. Compared with traditional batteries, lithium battery technology can bring us significant advantages in the field of electric forklifts.


Lithium-ion batteries can be charged quickly when intermittent equipment, increasing forklift productivity without requiring frequent battery changes, expensive backup batteries and replacement auxiliary equipment. Because the charging now achieves zero emissions, the device can be charged anywhere on the site, and the expensive acid-proof charging area can no longer exist. In addition, the service life of lithium batteries is 3-5 times longer than that of ordinary batteries, the temperature is lower, and more power can be saved after overcharging.

Li Deng, sales and marketing director of Heli’s Forklift Business Unit, said: “Our electric forklifts can bring about shorter and fewer equipment downtimes, faster and easier maintenance, and longer service life. The new lithium battery technology will will attract more investment. This technological innovation is also an example of how Heli continues to develop efficient and sustainable solutions to support customers’ operational and environmental goals.”
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