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What are the lithium battery PACKs of GeePower®

As we all know, lithium-ion batteries are often  in series or in parallel. And the lithium battery PACKs is also a battery in which lithium battery cells are packed together with a internal protection circuit, a external shell, and some output devices.

Lithium Battery PACKs

Lithium Battery PACKs

What are the features of lithium battery PACKs?

  1. Full-functioned and widely-used
  2. Various type: Multiple PACKs for the one application or demand.
  3. The battery cells in the PACKs have a high degree of consistency.
  4. The cycle life of the battery PACK is lower than that of a single battery cell.
  5. PACKs should be used under certain conditions (including charging, discharge current, charging method, temperature, humidity conditions, vibration conditions, degree of force, etc.).
  6. The protection board of lithium battery PACKs has a charging equalization function.
  7. High-voltage, high-current battery PACKs (energy storage system)has communication bus such as battery management system (BMS), CAN, RS485.
  8. Battery PACKs have higher requirements for chargers, allowing each battery to work properly, fully utilizing the energy stored in the battery, and ensuring safe and reliable use.

How does GeePower® design the lithium battery PACKs?

  1. We will fully analyze the application requirements, such as the application environment (temperature, humidity, vibration, etc.), time of use, charging, discharging and electrical parameters, output methods, life requirements, etc.
  2. Selecting qualified batteries and protection boards as required.
  3. Meeting the size and weight requirements.
  4. The packaging is reliable and safe.
  5. Simplifying the production process, optimizing solutions, and facilitating testing.

About GeePower®

Lithium Battery PACKs

GeePower® factory

GeePower Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in early 1982s for producing battery raw material, and started to produce batteries in 1988. After 36years of development, we have grown to become a professional manufacturer of the rechargeable batteries including LiFePO4 batteries, Li-NiCoMn batteries, pouch cells and so on. We enjoy high reputation and have fully experience in this field.

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