GeePower Energy is actively moving forward with a polymer Lithium-ion rechargeable cell-based green energy business. The Energy Storage System (ESS), a medium- and large-sized battery designed to store electricity, as well as environmentally friendly electric vehicle batteries are currently being developed.
In China, GeePower Energy is a pioneer and a market leader in the rechargeable battery sector. has thirty years of experience creating a variety of rechargeable batteries.
Has established an integrated business operation from battery chemicals to rechargeable green batteries and is committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of green power source solutions.


♦Milestones of our company group

• 1982: started to produce battery material
• 1988: the first to mass produce Ni(OH) in China
• 1998: started to develop and produce Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries
• 2003: started to develop and produce LiFePO4 batteries for EV
• 2007: started to develop pure e-bus and mass produce LiFePO4 battery
• 2009: Set up Hongkong office for oversea market
• 2010: started to cooperate with UK Origo PLC.
• 2010: E-bus off line,started to provide power batteries for Nissan,Yutong, Dongfeng, Mazda; the first in China to mass produce e-bus power systems
• 2011: Started to cooperate with TOYOTA and Meiji electric,etc in Japan.
• 2012: started to cooperate with China city pure e-buses(such as Shanghai, Chengdu, Nanning, etc), started to produce telecom battery and huge container power system (1MW, 1.6MW, etc). cooperate with China Mobile China Telecom and China Unicom.
• 2013: Started to cooperate with AutoVAZ(LADA) electric car and Sunways in Russia.
• Started to mass produce telecom battery for Communication Base Stations.
• 2014: Started to cooperate with Cell sweeper in Japan and PT.Metaplas Harmoni in Indonesia.
• 2015: Renamed to GeePower.