♦ GeePower battery cells Charateristics

• Soft polymer pack ,electrolyte reduced design, can be operated in any position.
• Low internal resistance.
• Flexible design to meet customer’s unique requirement.
• Basic cells are mass produced and easy to build stable and consistent large capacity battery packs.
• Suitable for high rate charge and discharge.

♦ GeePower battery safety performance

 Item  Test name Result Test Method
 1  Over charge No fire,no explosion After standard charging,then Charge at 3C5A to 10.0V
 2  Over discharge No fire,no explosion After standard charging,discharge 0.3C5A to 0V at 20°C±5°C
 3  Short Circuit No fire,no explosion After standard charging, keep the battery into a ventilation cabinet and shortcircuit the positive and negative

terminals directly (general resistance shall be less than or equal to 5mΩ) for 10 minutes

 4  Drop No fire,no explosion,no leakage After standard charging, then let it self fall off from a height of 1.5m(the lowest height)to a rigid wooden board  with the thickness of 20mm. The drop is implemented one time for every face.
 5  Hot oven No fire,no explosion After standard charging. Keep the battery in the box with constant temperature of

85°C±2 °C and remained for 2hours at this temperature.

 6  Crush No fire,no explosion After standard charging, keep the battery on the bracket

  1. Extrusion direction:Perpendicular to the direction of maintaining pressure on the battery plates.
  2. Extrusion headdress product:≥20cm
  3. Extrusion degree: Until the battery shell ruptured or internal short circuit (battery voltage becomes 0V)
 7  Needle puncture No fire,no explosion After standard charging, keep the battery on the bracket,penetrate through it with a 3mm~8mm

diameter nail near the center of its biggest surface at the rate of 10mm/s-40mm/s.

♦ GeePower battery safety testing (No fire, no explosion, no leakage)


♦ Battery quality control for after-sale

All of GeePower battery cells in a pack are with very high consistency.In a pack, each cell has its own sole electronic code(ID number) for quality control after-sale. Assume one cell in a pack is damaged in any reason after several years later, we could provide a exactly same cell to the client to replace this damaged one(same voltage, capacity, impedance,etc.), in order to make sure all of the cells in this pack with very high consistency. G-Power has a strong system working for this.

♦ GeePower LiFePO4 battery cell electric performance curve