On September 16th, the release conference of the third-generation lithium-ion forklift was grandly held at E-P EQUIPMENT Jiangsu Jingjiang Factory. Through rain, crossing ridges, climbing slopes, and mud pits, the third-generation lithium-ion forklift of E-P EQUIPMENT came to the market with a brand-new attitude! The third-generation lithium-ion forklifts with high reliability, high working conditions, high performance, smarter, safer, and more convenient have completely fired the most powerful shot to replace the internal combustion forklift market.E-P-EQUIPMENT-forklift

When green and low carbon becomes the main theme of global energy development when the world vigorously curbs carbon emissions, when green energy becomes the development background of the forklift industry, new energy for forklifts is an inevitable development trend, and the forklift industry has experienced the era of internal combustion vehicles dominating the market After going through the era of the first generation of traditional electric forks and then using the design concept of high-efficiency electric energy to break the market product pattern and enter the era of the second generation of electric forks, the recognition of peers, the inspection of the market, and the recognition of customers have made the tram market continue to climb to new heights.

E-P EQUIPMENT has contributed a key force throughout the development of trams in the industry. This time, E-P EQUIPMENT used innovative thinking to break the boundaries again with a new design concept and strived to create high reliability, high working conditions, high performance, smarter and better. The safe and more convenient third-generation lithium-ion forklift will push the forklift industry to the third generation!

To give the guests a more realistic experience, the conference site specially simulated and built various severe work scenarios that would be encountered in real work, such as rain, muddy roads, 20% ramps, potholes, uneven roads, etc., and then invited each guest to drive a third-generation lithium-ion forklift through these scenes in turn.

The ultra-real and bumpy road design once worried the guests who were about to test drive. Can lithium electric cars do it?

But the third-generation lithium-ion forklift surprised them!

“The overall feeling differs from the previous two generations of forklifts. It is very suitable for uneven and complex outdoor conditions. It is also a small climbing expert. It has sufficient climbing strength and does not slide downhill.” A customer from Liaocheng, Shandong, said.

“The operation feels very good, and the intelligent system of the Internet of Things makes everything under control, which is worry-free and reassuring.”

“The fork automatically decelerates, which protects the road and cargo well, and I no longer have to worry about the gantry being damaged!”

“The humanoid forklift avoids obstacles and is very sensitive. The driver leaves the car and stops automatically, which is very reassuring.”

“The car operates stably, the driver’s seat has a large space, and the ride is comfortable. The low-level console allows for a wider field of vision.”

“Professional waterproof design, the lithium battery controller, is integrated under the seat cover, waterproof connectors and meters are used, and it has passed the standard rain test.

The third-generation lithium-ion forklift adopts the new concept of “trolley design oil truck,” which uses high reliability, high working conditions, and high performance to allow users to experience the oil truck experience and meet users’ needs for indoor and outdoor operations in various scenarios.

High reliability: The third-generation lithium-ion forklift retains some advantages over internal combustion vehicles. Using the body design of internal combustion vehicles, the body structure is stronger, torsion-resistant, bending-resistant, and shock-resistant. With hydraulic parts, gearboxes, and other mature oil truck parts, the rigidity and durability of the whole vehicle are even higher—cast-integrated tapered roller steering axle, optional turning deceleration, durable and safe. Using high-power motors and lithium batteries with top-level electric vehicle-grade cells, the BMS system independently developed according to the working conditions of the forklift makes the third-generation lithium-ion forklift more reliable.

High working conditions: The third-generation lithium-ion forklift has higher ground clearance, which can meet the outdoor working conditions of different road surfaces with high and low bumps. The vehicle adopts a professional waterproof design concept, and the lithium battery controller is integrated under the seat cover. It adopts waterproof connectors and instruments and has passed the standard rain test, which is completely suitable for operation on rainy days. In the face of different temperature environments, the third-generation lithium-ion forklift is not inferior. It can be equipped with a low-temperature heating system to meet the operational needs of the lithium-ion vehicle at a low temperature of minus 20 degrees. The environment automatically turns on the protection system, and the lithium battery forklift can work under high-temperature conditions. The high working conditions of the third-generation lithium-ion forklift can be realized in more working conditions.

High performance: The whole vehicle has higher performance, and vehicles with different performance levels can be selected according to users’ needs. The third-generation lithium-ion forklift can travel at a maximum speed of 20 km/h; it can be configured with 560Ah large-capacity lithium battery and 200A large-capacity charging. The machine can realize high-intensity operation needs of high-speed charging and long battery life; it has a faster lifting speed, and the maximum no-load lifting speed is 0.5m/s, helping users improve work efficiency. The third-generation lithium-ion forklift has a maximum gradient of up to 20% with a full load, and it is easy to climb with cargo.


Smarter: The third-generation lithium-ion forklift has high reliability, high working conditions, high performance, and a super-intelligent brain. It is equipped with the Internet of Things system independently developed by E-P EQUIPMENT, which makes the forklift smarter and provides big data analysis of forklift operation conditions. Make the operation more efficient; online monitoring of the whole process of vehicle operation, timely detection of potential problems, online diagnosis of faults, and more efficient after-sales. At the same time, users can also use the Internet of Things system to remotely adjust the vehicle’s starting acceleration, climbing performance, and other operating parameters to match performance with energy saving and make operations more efficient.

Safer: The third-generation lithium-ion forklift adopts the self-developed BMS battery management system, which is suitable for the battery requirements of all operating conditions, and supports CAN communication; online monitoring of the battery charge and discharge status, clearing safety hazards in advance and realizing the safety of lithium batteries. At the same time, human-machine binding, one person, one certificate, helps enterprises to better manage vehicles; humanoid automatic obstacle avoidance system, when the forklift system is close to the human body, it automatically decelerates and brakes; it is safer to lift, more safely descend, and more stable on slopes. Safer, safer to leave the car, etc. With a more comprehensive safety design, E-P EQUIPMENT’s third-generation lithium-ion forklift will protect you during operation.

More convenient: The third-generation lithium-ion forklift pays more attention to the actual operating experience of the operator, making the operator more relaxed and comfortable when working. In the design of the whole vehicle, the advantages of the shorter body of the lithium electric vehicle are highlighted, the centre of gravity is lower, the turning radius is also smaller, and the operation will be more flexible. The high-level, customized instrument can observe the operating parameters at any angle and any time; the low-level operating table design will widen the operation field. In terms of comfort, the brake and accelerator pedals are optimally arranged to optimize the driving space of the whole vehicle. The vehicle body has a large driving space, which increases the operator’s activity space and reduces driving fatigue. Safe and comfortable seats are also used to reduce vibration and increase the number of drivers—the comfort of use. At the same time, the operating parameters and fault information can be adjusted by using the mobile phone through Bluetooth. When a cover is opened, all electrical components, such as battery electric control, can be seen, and maintenance is more convenient.

“Driven by innovative products, leading industry change” is the constant development concept of E-P EQUIPMENT. Because of innovation, E-P EQUIPMENT has contributed a key force in every development and change. I believe that the third-generation lithium-ion forklift is driven by innovative products. It will truly replace the internal combustion forklift and create a new era of trams – the third-generation lithium battery forklift era.


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