Precautions for Forklifts with Charged Lead-Acid Batteries

In order to prolong the life of the forklift battery, you must strictly refer to the instructions for charging and discharging. Remember to overcharge and discharge. The following aspects of the electric forklift’s maintenance and charged lead-acid batteries are analyzed:

1. The lead-acid battery should be initially charged before use. The insufficient initial charge will affect the rated capacity of the lead-acid battery.

2. When the lead-acid battery is put into use, it must be in a fully charged state. The battery with insufficient charge cannot be used. Use the original charger. The “full indicator light” is on to indicate that it is fully charged.

3. Forklift lead-acid batteries should try to avoid overcharging and over-discharging (over-discharging, when the voltage of a single lead-acid battery drops to 1.70V, and using the original charger of our company to charge normally, will not be overcharged).

4. Lead-acid batteries should be charged immediately after use, and the longest interval should not exceed 24 hours.

5. Pay attention to the changing status of the electrolyte when charging, and eliminate it immediately if there is any abnormality.

6. Regularly check the electrolyte density, if not, it must be adjusted.

7. Batteries that are not used for a long time must be recharged once a month (common charging method).

8. For batteries that have not been used for a long time and have been used normally for 2 to 3 months, an equalization charge is required.

9. If the battery is backward in use, the cause should be immediately identified and the backward battery should be charged equally.

10. The battery surface, connecting wires and bolts should always be kept clean and dry.

11. The forklift battery connection must be kept in good contact, so as not to cause sparks to burn the pole or cause the battery to explode.

12. No harmful impurities should fall into the battery, and the instruments for measuring the density, temperature and liquid level of the electrolyte should be kept clean.

13. Do not place any conductive objects on the battery cover to avoid short circuit of the battery.

14. When charging the battery, it should be charged in a cool, ventilated environment away from open flames to avoid hydrogen explosion.

15. Please do not wear necklaces when replacing batteries to avoid accidents.

How long to charge the forklift battery

Battery Storage


If charging a lead-acid battery for a forklift, it usually takes eight hours. Do not overcharge, it will cause the battery to lose water, heat up, and reduce battery life. However, if the forklift is charged with a lithium battery, the charging time is reduced to two hours and the charging will be safer.

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