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24V 250AH Electric Forklift Battery/New Forklift Battery From GeePower

  • 24v forklift battery(250AH)
  • Assembled by lithium ion cells
  • Lifespan more than 3000times
  • Dimensions can be Customized
  • Continuous working current is 150Amps
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24V 250Ah Electric Forklift Battery/New Forklift Battery From GeePower

24V 250AH Electric Forklift Battery capacity is 250Ah, assembled by lithium ion battery cells, continuous operating current is 150Amps, peak current up to 250Amps. It was designed by Electric Forklift battery producer GeePower. The battery lifespan is over 3000times. The battery’s weight is about 75kg, Side battery changing is available as an option for all models in this series.  Three different battery trays are available to take batteries (wet, low-maintenance or maintenance free) with capacities from 24 V/150 Ah to 24 V/200 Ah, in order to optimally match the truck to the application. Program BMS, online PC.

24V 250Ah Electric Forklift Battery Specifications

Picture Model no. G-BP24250
electric forklift battery Energy 6kWh
Discharge current 250Amps(continuous)
Charge current 150Amps
Output/Input REMA DIN / Anderson
Dimensions 770*190*400mm
Weight ≈75kg
Charge temperature 0~45°C
Discharge temperature -20~60°C
Lifespan ≥3000times
Guarantee 2~5 years(depends on different project)

24V 250Ah Electric Forklift Battery system drawing

24V 250Ah Electric Forklift Battery system Schematic-diagram

GeePower other Electric Forklift Battery system

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Except Forklift battery system, GeePower battery also can be used in other fields(Telecom power supply, solar system storage, Electric vehicle, etc. GeePower can customize drawing and Schematic-diagram according to different applications. These are some of the projects for your reference.

Backup Power System Telecom Power Supply High-speed toll station Backup Battery
Backup Battery For Home Solar Steet Light Backup Battery Airport tractor power system

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How to get an accurate quotation from GeePower quickly?

You can get an acurate quotation and project designing quickly If you can send these info to us:
1.Detailed application
2. Voltage and capacity
3. Motor’s power(W), or load’s continuous working current
4. Dimensions(length*width*height)mm, If you have drawing, please send it.
If you want to get more info about our company and our batteries, please feel free to contact with us, our team is ready to support you.

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