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Brand lifepo4 a123 system 3.2V 31Ah lithium pouch battery cell

  • Produced by A123 company
  • Energy density up to 163wh/kg
  • Very good performance under low and high temp.
  • Can be charged at -20℃, discharge at -30℃
  • Can be discharged at high current(up to 5C and 12C)
  • Poor electrolyte, can be operated in any directions
  • Lifespan up to 3000times at 1C
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Brand lifepo4 a123 system 3.2V 31Ah lithium pouch battery cell. This lithium ion battery cell is produced by A123 systems, continuous discharge current is 3C(93A), Peak discharge current can up to 12C(372A), Max.(rapid)continuous charge current can be 3C(93A). Impedance is only 0.8±0.15 mΩ 1KHz at 30%SOC. Detailed datasheet please reference to below table or download the PDF sheet.

Brand lifepo4 a123 system 3.2V 31Ah lithium pouch battery cell Specifications

Brand Name A123 Systems
Nominal Capacity 31Ah
Nominal Voltage 3.2V
Impedance ≤0.8mΩ
Charge cut-off voltage 3.65V
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.0V
Max.(rapid) charge current 3.0C(peak current 4.0C)
Max.discharge current 3.0C (peak current 12.0C)
Charging time Standard charge: 1hours
Rapid charge: 0.5hours
Operating temperature Charge:-20℃~55℃
Storage temperature Less than 3 mouths:-40℃~55℃
Less than 1 year: -10℃~25℃
 Storage humidity  65±20%RH
 Cell weight  Approx: 610±15g

Brand lifepo4 a123 system 3.2V 31Ah lithium pouch battery cell Image and Dimensions

a123 system battery


Item Description Dimensions(mm)
T Thickness(T) 9.9 ± 0.16 mm
W Width(W) 102.5 ± 1.5mm
L Length(L) 308.5+1.0/-1.5mm


No. Item Parameters Test Method and Condition
1 Capacity ≥31.0Ah The cell performs standard charge and discharge,calculate the discharge capacity.
2 AC impedance 1 ± 0.15 mΩ AC impedance of the cell is measured at 1KHz at 30%SOC.
3 Rate Discharge 1.0C =100%
2.0C ≥ 96%
3.0C ≥ 96%
5.0C ≥ 95%
After standard charging,discharge capacity is measured at RT with the various currents(1C,2C,3C, 5C)at the cut off voltage of 2.0V.
4 Discharge at high & low temperature 55℃≥100%
After standard charging,the cell is stored in different temperature (25℃,-20℃,0℃,55℃) for 3 hours, then test the cell capacity separately in each temperature with standard discharge method. (-20℃ cut off at 1.5V)
5 Cycle Life 25℃,
Remaining capacity≥80%
The cell performs 1C/1C cycle @ 25℃ for 3000 times, and between charge and discharge the cell should rest at least 10 min,then test the remaining capacity.
6 Storage at 25℃
100% SOC
Remaining capacity≥90%; Capacity recovery ≥95% After standard charging,the cell stored at 25±2 ℃ for 28days, then measured the remaining capacity and capacity recovery by standard discharge method.
7 50% SOC
Storage at 45℃
Capacity recovery ≥90% After standard charging, the cell performed 1C discharged for 30min at RT ,then stored at 45±2 ℃ for 28days ,then rest at RT for 5h, then perform standard charge, and test the discharge capacity by standard discharge method.

If you need datasheet about this Brand lifepo4 a123 system 3.2V 31Ah lithium pouch battery cell, please download this PDF file to check more details.

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