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[Discontinued] 3.7V 13AH Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery

  • Highest electrical conductivity
  • Long term corrosion resistance
  • Higher cycle life
  • Relatively lower costs
  • Wide application
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3.7V 13AH Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery is most Safety at both ends of the spectrum. It is suitable for large scale Energy Storage Systems (ESS) to hold massive reserves of energy, which require proper design and system management. Small systems entrusted within our homes require safety and reliability above all else.

Model Number: GPNCM41167240. Capacity: 13 Ah. Size: 4.3 x 168 x 242 mm. Weight: 310 g.


Our Advantages

  • 30 years experience in rechargeable batteries
  • 10 years experience  in Lithium batteries
  • Geepower® battery can be above 500 recharge Cycles
  • poor electrolyte, can be operated in any directions
  • can be discharged at high current(up to 5C), charge current(up to 3C)

Specifications of 3.7V 13AH Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery

3.7V 13AH li-polymer rechargeable battery    
Place of Origin China (Mainland)
Brand Name GeePower
Model Number GPNCM41167240
Nominal Capacity 13Ah@0.3C5A(3900mA)discharge
Nominal Voltage 3.7V
Impedance ≤5mΩ
Charge cut-off voltage 4.20V
Discharge cut-off voltage 2.75V
Standard charging Constant current at 0.3C with max.voltage of 4.20V and cut-off current at 0.02C
Standard discharging Constant current at 0.3C with min.voltage of 2.75V
Max.(rapid)continuous charge current 3.0C
Max.discharge current 3.0C(peak5.0C)
Charging time Standard charge: 5.0hours
Rapid charge: 0.3hours
Operating temperature Charge:0℃~45℃
Storage temperature Less than 3 mouths:-10℃~45℃
Less than 1 year: -10℃~25℃
 Storage humidity  60±25%RH
 Cell weight  Approx: 310g

Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery detailed image
li-polymer rechargeable battery

Item Description Dimensions(mm)
T Thickness(T) 4.3
W Width(W) 168
L Length(L) 242
B Tab Width(B) 20±0.2

Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery Applications

  • Electric vehicles and tools
  • Telecom communicate industry
  • Energy storage systems
  • UPS, etc.

li-polymer rechargeable battery

Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery electric performance

li-polymer rechargeable battery

Warranty: 2-10 years

Depending on the different application and use of the environment.

How to get the quotation from us?

1.Please tell us the detailed application? what is the voltage and capacity?
2.Please tell us the continuous discharge current or motor power?
3.Please tell us the requirements of dimensions? (length*width*height)mm
4.Please tell us whether need charger? and how long charging time?

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