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Forklift Battery Manufacturers Designed 280ah 48 Volt Lithium Battery

  • BMS Multi-Protection & LCD Display, Online PC
  • Longer Operating Time & No Maintenance Required
  • Lifespan 3000+ Times & Extreme Temp Performance
  • Dimensions and Function Can Be Customized
  • 250 Amps Continuous Working Current

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 280Ah 48 Volt Lithium Battery for Electric Forklift

48 Volt lithium battery was designed by forklift battery suppliers GeePower, assembled by lithium-ion battery cells, continuous operating current is 250Amps, peak current up to 400Amps. The lithium phosphate battery lifespan is over 3000times. The lithium battery’s weight is about 228Lbs(103kg), Side battery changing is available as an option for all models in this series. Three different lithium-ion battery trays are available to take batteries (wet, low-maintenance or maintenance free) with capacities is 48 V/280 Ah, in order to optimally match the truck to the application.


48 Volt Lithium Battery Specifications

Picture Model no. FT48280
48V-280Ah-Lithium-Battery Energy 13.44kWh
Discharge current 250Amps(continuous)
Charge current 110Amps
Output/Input Rema Din / Anderson
Dimensions 956*372*360mm
Weight 228Lbs(103kg)
24 volt Forklift Battery Brochure PDFForklift Battery Brochure Charge temperature 0~45°C
Discharge temperature -20~60°C
24 volt Forklift Battery Brochure PDF48V280AH Forklift Battery Brochure Lifespan ≥3000times
Guarantee 2~5 years(depends on different project)


Battery Protections Functions
24 volt forklift battery 24 volt forklift battery 24 volt forklift battery
  • Smart BMS Built-in
  • Over temperature, Over Voltage, Over Current Over
  • Temperature and Short Circuit Protection
  • Fuse and Brake Built-in
  • LCD Display
  • CAN and RS485
  • PC Software Control
  • Auto Cell Balancing
  • On/Off & Reset Switch
  • Bluetooth(Optional)
24 volt forklift battery
  • Fuse and breaker built-in for protection
  • BMS and temperature sensors built-in
  • Overvoltage, current, temperature protections
  • Extensive shock and vibration testing
  • No dangerous gas generation during charging

48 Volt Lithium Battery Significant Advantages

Longer Service Life Longer Operating Time
Lead acid battery: 1000cycles @80% DOD

Lithium-ion battery: 3000cycles @80% DOD

Lead acid battery: 5.4 Hours

Lithium-ion battery: 7.2 Hours

The cycle life of the battery has a great correlation with the cost of use.

GeePower® LFP batteries get an amazing 3000+ cycles at 80% depth of discharge, outlasting the competition in every way.

GeePower® lifepo4 battery can be discharged large current, it means equipment runs faster and never gets sluggish.

Experience runtime increases of 50%-100% over similarly rated (amp-hour) lead-acid batteries.


48 Volt Lithium Battery Can Be Quick Charged and Opportunity Charged

GeePower®LFP batteries can be opportunity charged. Opportunity charging means you can charge your trucks any time when they are not in use, even during your fifteen-minute break. This technology is especially beneficial in multi-shift operations. As these batteries allow for opportunity charging, battery change is no longer needed, and neither are spare batteries or charging rooms. Instead, trucks can be recharged quickly by the operator during breaks. This type of in-shift charging means that unlike with lead-acid batteries, you don’t need to replace your Li-ion battery. Eventually, unnecessary downtime is reduced to a minimum, resulting in higher productivity in the operation.

Charging time 8 Hrs 1~2 Hrs
Coll-Down Period 8 Hrs Not needed
Charging Method Removed from forklift, placed in charging base & taken to special charging storage room Plugged directly into the charger with Lithium-ion battery in the forklift
Safe Discharge Down to 30~50% capacity Down to 20% capacity
Opportunity Charge “Yes

Affects lifespan of the battery”

Charging Station Separate room No needed




48 Volt Lithium Battery for Forklift with Much Higher Safety Performance

Lead acid forklift battery safety risks: spills, overheating, dangerous gases and old or corroded batteries, GeePower® LFP batteries do not produce any toxic gasses when charging, making them a safe option for indoor warehouse operations.

With GeePower® LFP batteries ,Dangerous situations from electrical shorts, high temperatures, acid spills, and explosive gas generation are no longer a problem. The robust design, protective features and chemical makeup of our batteries make them among the safest in the industry.

48 Volt Lithium Battery for Forklift No Maintenance Required

GeePower® LFP batteries are much less needy when it comes to forklift battery maintenance, as they equalize automatically, function well in much higher temperatures (making temperature mostly a non-issue), and do not require any fluid level management.

Equalizing Every 5~10 charges Happens automatically
Temperature Control Requires a temp-controlled space Much higher temperature limit
Fluid Levels Top off water every 10 cycles Sealed units, never needs watering


GeePower 48 volt forklift battery advantages:


Can be full charged within 2hours


BMS built-in Multiple protection


After 3500times remain 80% capacity


Energy density up to 160wh/kg


Self-discharge < 3% (M) Holds charge over 8months


No daily maintenance work and cost


5times lower cost Per-use cost


At -20℃ Discharge rate >85%


GeePower also provides other forklift batteries for multiple applications.

24V Lithium Battery PNG 48V Lithium Battery 80V Lithium Battery


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How to get an accurate quotation from GeePower quickly?

You can get an accurate quotation and project designing quickly If you can send these info to us:
1.Detailed application
2. Voltage and capacity
3. Motor’s power(W), or load’s continuous working current
4. Dimensions(length*width*height)mm, If you have drawing, please send it.
If you want to get more info about our company and our batteries, please feel free to contact with us, our team is ready to support you.

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