By 2022, China’s lithium phosphate battery accounted for 36% of the world’s total, and sales continued to rise. Mainstream battery companies represented by CATL, BYD, and Gotion High-tech have developed CTP, blade, and JTM technologies respectively. Lithium phosphate has greatly improved in cost, technology, safety, and energy density, and is very cost-effective in the international market.TrendForce predicted in a report that from 2024, the market share of lithium iron phosphate batteries in China will exceed that of ternary lithium batteries. Lithium iron phosphate batteries are mainly produced by Chinese companies, while Korean companies focus on ternary lithium batteries.
GeePower is a Lithium phosphate battery cell professional battery solutions Inc. in China. LifePO4 battery (Lithium phosphate battery) are rechargeable batteries, that are very commonly used in today’s outdoor solar lights. and as well in custom battery packs. They are considered to be the newest generation of Lithium Ion chemistry.LifePO4 batteries have a very long shelf life and can be recharged up to 2000+ times (cycles). Lithium phosphate batteries do not suffer from Memory effects as do NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) chemistry, for example. Memory effect means reduced memory capacity resulting from recharging a battery before it has been fully depleted of power. LifePO4 chemistry batteries are immune from this effect.
These rechargeable batteries offer a high discharge rate, are non-explosive, and are lightweight and safe batteries overall as they do not incinerate or explode under extreme conditions and/or temperatures. In addition, LIFEPO4 is non-toxic which is a real bonus for our planet!Whatever your wholesale battery requirements are, we will work closely with you to accommodate even the most tailored specifics.